June 26th to 28th, 2023

Cité des Congrès de Nantes

General public week-end

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June 24th-25th, 2023

Museum de Nantes

Younger Chemists


The Organisation Committee designed activities especially relevant to early-career chemists, thanks to the partnership with the French Young Chemists Network (RJ-SCF).

Apply for a Grant

  • Be a volunteer at SCF’23: The Young chemist symposium is looking for volunteers to be involved in its local organization. You will have a unique opportunity to meet lecturers. Be a volunteer and get a free registration at the conference! Limited number of spots. Check the call for volunteers.
  • Grants from RJ-SCF: the RJ-SCF provides grants for young chemists to attend congresses like SCF’23. Please feel free to reach out to us for more details about financial support using our contact e-mail address

Job Hunting

  • Round-table with Industry: A round-table with partners from industry, the industrial chemistry and the sustainable chemistry (inter)divisions will discuss the current situation regarding employment and related skills required.
    How to identify your competences: Knowing oneself and its own competences is a key step before applying and answering right to a job position. Our partner will host a presentation to guide you through this.
  • Mentoring:  you would like to discuss with a professional chemists, receive some feedback on your goals and career objectives? Please contact us to register for your mentoring session using our contact e-mail address
    The RJ-SCF kindly invites you to register either as a mentor or a mentee for the duration of SCF’23 in order to connect people, develop your network, provide guidance and advice, engage in reverse mentoring activities, share passions and interests and much more!

Networking Opportunities

  • The French Young Chemists’ Network (RJ-SCF) will organize for you social events in the evening for you to meet truly incredible people and build your network.
  • Representative and active members from the following networks will be present to share their experience and help young chemists connect, without borders.
  • European Young Chemists Network: Check their website and meet them onsite to talk about any career in Europe.
    International Younger Chemists Network: Check their website and discuss about opportunities around the world.

Grant writing

  • Guidelines for a successful grant application: Writing a grant is a critical activity for young researchers to be able to develop their research. Come and attend a presentation dedicated to providing key advice for a successful application from successful applicants.

Communication and Poster Prizes

More info coming soon.